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Player Information
Name: Zero
Age: 18+
Contact: [ profile] arrpee, zero#8942 on discord
Current characters: N/A

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Name: Zero
DW username: n/a
E-Mail: arcaneswearwords [at] gmail [dot] com
IM: arcaneswearwords on AIM
Plurk: [ profile] arrpee

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[warning for suicide, suicide ideation, self-harm, drowning, depression, medication, discussion of mental illness and self-loathing, dissociation, and flashing/fast-moving images beneath the cut.]

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Player Name: Zero
Contact: arcaneswearwords on AIM, [ profile] arrpee
Referred by: the wonderful Bird
Other characters: N/A

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Tim's illness is an important aspect to his character, though it's notable that it's not the first, most important, or only thing we learn about him. However, to better understand how it works, here's as in-depth a breakdown as possible, including talk of the secondary consciousness in his brain.

[warning for discussion of suicide, depression, epilepsy, medication, self-harm, mental illness, anxiety, panic disorder, nonconsensual medicating, and suicide ideation. Also big series spoilers, rampant speculation, and some fast-moving gifs.]

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[contains heavy spoilers within, as well as discussion of hallucinations, suicide, suicide ideation, depression, extreme self-blame and self-loathing, medication, self-harm, mental illness, and anxiety/panic disorder.]

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