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Player Information
Name: Zero
Age: 18+
Contact: [ profile] arrpee, zero#8942 on discord
Current characters: N/A

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Name: Zero
DW username: n/a
E-Mail: arcaneswearwords [at] gmail [dot] com
IM: arcaneswearwords on AIM
Plurk: [ profile] arrpee

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[warning for suicide, suicide ideation, self-harm, drowning, depression, medication, discussion of mental illness and self-loathing, dissociation, and flashing/fast-moving images beneath the cut.] i don't wanna be by myself again. )
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Questions, concerns, comments, crit, threats? Send 'em all here!
You can contact me privately by pm-ing [profile] littleliarman, or by messaging me at arcaneswearwords on AIM

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🗙 First Impressions

⊗ VISUAL: About 5'5". Olive skin, brown eyes, and thick, dark brown hair. Thick eyebrows. Firm jaw with a slight underbite. Frequently looks mildly unkempt, facial hair ranging from unshaven stumble to relatively full beard. Built solidly, very stocky.
⊗ FASHION: Mostly wears dull, solid colors, largely sticking to t-shirts and jeans. Occasionally wears plaid shirts rolled up at the elbows. May occasionally be seen wearing a GoPro camera strapped to his chest.
⊗ AURAL: Speaks with a low Alabaman drawl with occasional voice cracks. Perpetually sarcastic. Frequently succumbs to heavy coughing fits.
⊗ OLFACTORY: A chain-smoker, so he mostly smells like cigarettes.
⊗ DEMEANOR: Hunched shoulders, arms either crossed or hugging himself, often fiddling with his hands unless he's smoking. Used to staying out of the way and looking small. Not always best at maintaining eye contact and will usually look at the floor, particularly when nervous or stressed.

🗙 OOC Permissions

⊗ BACKTAGGING: Absolutely and forever.
⊗ THREADJACKING: Is my favorite thing so please definitely.
⊗ FOURTHWALLING: No thank you.
⊗ CANON PUNCTURE: Is already a thing in Marble Hornets so go for it.

🗙 IC Permissions

⊗ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Unlikely to fly. He's jumpy and not comfortable with touch.
⊗ HUGGING: Also tricky unless he really knows you.
⊗ FLIRTING: He Does Not Want This
⊗ SEX: That would be a hard no.
⊗ RELATIONSHIPS: He Does Not Want This Either
⊗ KILLING: Let's talk about it first!
⊗ PSYCHIC & PSIONIC INFORMATION: Tim has a lifelong history of mental health problems that continue to plague him in Wonderland, as well as a fear of a tall, thin, faceless creature known as The Operator (but that Tim simply refers to in his internal narration as "It"). He also has a secondary consciousness living in his head that tends to seize forcible control of his body when he's in a mentally weakened state (usually in a postictal stage of seizure).
⊗ MAGICAL INFORMATION: Nothing of note, unless you count the aforementioned consciousness.
⊗ MEDICAL INFORMATION: Most of Tim's medical history can be found in this information post and in his canonical hospital records. In short, he deals with a unique form of epilepsy paired with the semi-standard comorbidities of panic disorder and depression, and must take anticonvulsants regularly to prevent seizures. According to his medical files, he is considered at a high risk for suicide and self-harm, and has attempted (and failed) suicide at least once in the series by medication overdose.
⊗ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS/TRIGGERS: Tim reacts poorly to mental invasion, hospitals, threat of drowning, and things that are preternaturally tall and thin as well as faceless.
⊗ CONTENT WARNINGS: Due to Tim's history, certain subjects are likely to crop up in his internal narration. Potential subjects include those related to attempted suicide/suicide ideation, self-harm, medication, forced institutionalization, severe depression, panic/anxiety, dissociation/derealization, identity issues and child neglect.

🗙 Tagging

⊗ TAGGING WITH TIM: Would you prefer that I not tag you with Tim at all? Please let me know! He can be a difficult character to thread with and your comfort level is my priority.
⊗ SUBJECTS TO AVOID: If you would like CR with Tim but would rather not engage in one or all of the aforementioned content warnings, please let me know and I'll adjust my tags accordingly.
⊗ ANYTHING ELSE? Exactly what it says on the tin.
⊗ CODE: Please fill out the form below and reply to this post. All comments are screened.

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Player Name: Zero
Contact: arcaneswearwords on AIM, [ profile] arrpee
Referred by: the wonderful Bird
Other characters: N/A

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Tim's illness is an important aspect to his character, though it's notable that it's not the first, most important, or only thing we learn about him. However, to better understand how it works, here's as in-depth a breakdown as possible, including talk of the secondary consciousness in his brain.

[warning for discussion of suicide, depression, epilepsy, medication, self-harm, mental illness, anxiety, panic disorder, nonconsensual medicating, and suicide ideation. Also big series spoilers, rampant speculation, and some fast-moving gifs.]

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[contains heavy spoilers within, as well as discussion of hallucinations, suicide, suicide ideation, depression, extreme self-blame and self-loathing, medication, self-harm, mental illness, and anxiety/panic disorder.]

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[These are Tim's canonical medical files, recreated to the best of my ability from a mixture of transcripts, hospital file PDFs, and combing through video footage frame-by-frame. Some of the information may have required liberties to be taken. Everything is as accurate as I could make it. Please be advised that the material within deals heavily with mental illness, medication, self-harm, suicide, and suicide ideation.]

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