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Name: Zero
DW username: n/a
E-Mail: arcaneswearwords [at] gmail [dot] com
IM: arcaneswearwords on AIM
Plurk: [ profile] arrpee

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[warning for suicide, suicide ideation, self-harm, drowning, depression, medication, discussion of mental illness and self-loathing, dissociation, and flashing/fast-moving images beneath the cut.] i don't wanna be by myself again. )
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Backtagging: go for it
Threadhopping/threadjacking: as long as everyone's down for it, i am also down for it
Fourthwalling: not a fan
Canon-puncture: is already a thing in Marble Hornets so go for it
Offensive subjects (elaborate): none for me

Hugging this character: he's touch averse so he'll wriggle out of it unless he knows you, but sure
Kissing this character: let's keep it platonic folks
Flirting with this character: good luck with that
Sexing this character up: oo what's that over there? a complete lack of sexual or romantic interest
Fighting with this character: hell yea
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): hell yea
Killing this character: check with me first yo
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: potentially. let me know before you do cause this boy has a lot of messed up stuff in his grapefruit. if tim finds out that that’s a thing you’ve been doing that is the quickest way to end up on his shitlist. anyone poking around there is probably gonna uncover the second fella who’s renting room in his skull as well as knowledge of the operator, and tim does not want people to know either of those things
Warnings: he comes with a lot of those, including but not limited to attempted suicide/suicide ideation, self-harm, medication, forced institutionalization, panic/anxiety, severe depression, dissociation and identity issues, and child neglect/abuse/abandonment. this is likely to crop up in his tags with varying frequency depending on how heavy stuff gets. tim has internalized a lot of this shit throughout his entire life, so it does come up rather often. if you're uncomfy with any of the aforementioned topics, let me know and i'll adjust my tags accordingly!
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Player Name: Zero
Contact: arcaneswearwords on AIM, [ profile] arrpee
Referred by: the wonderful Bird
Other characters: N/A

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Tim's illness is an important aspect to his character, though it's notable that it's not the first, most important, or only thing we learn about him. However, to better understand how it works, here's as in-depth a breakdown as possible, including talk of the secondary consciousness in his brain.

[warning for discussion of suicide, depression, epilepsy, medication, self-harm, mental illness, anxiety, panic disorder, nonconsensual medicating, and suicide ideation. Also big series spoilers, rampant speculation, and some fast-moving gifs.]

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[contains heavy spoilers within, as well as discussion of hallucinations, suicide, suicide ideation, depression, extreme self-blame and self-loathing, medication, self-harm, mental illness, and anxiety/panic disorder.]

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[These are Tim's canonical medical files, recreated to the best of my ability from a mixture of transcripts, hospital file PDFs, and combing through video footage frame-by-frame. Some of the information may have required liberties to be taken. Everything is as accurate as I could make it. Please be advised that the material within deals heavily with mental illness, medication, self-harm, suicide, and suicide ideation.]

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